Avv. Giulia Piva

Graduated in Law at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan with a thesis on criminal-criminological entitled “The general negative prevention: theoretical foundations and new perspectives”. In 2018 he was admitted to the Court of Appeal of Milan.

During her academic and professional career she has deepened the study of issues related to criminal, substantive and procedural law, gaining considerable experience in criminal proceedings instituted for crimes against property, environmental protection and workplace safety ex D.lvo 2008 n. 81, and white collar Crimes.

She has held the position of Councillor within the Board of Directors of the Young Lawyers Association of Milan “Agam” and, currently, performs judicial and out-of-court assistance in the interest of natural or legal persons within the criminal law – tax, financial and corporate.

She is also the author of numerous publications in the field of business criminal law on newspapers – paper and telematics – “Economics & Law”, “Invice”, “Criminal Law” and “Company Bank”.


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