Avv. Alessandra Capalbo

Graduated in Law from the University of Milan with a thesis in substantive criminal law entitled “The error in the causes of justification of the crime”.

In 2002 she obtained his qualification to the forensic profession at the Court of Appeal of Milan and currently works as a criminal lawyer admitted to legal aid before the Superior Magistrature and Supreme Court of Cassation.

She has developed his professional experience exclusively in the fields of criminal law, both substantive and procedural, and has been involved in numerous processes of media and national importance.

She currently deals with issues of tax and bankruptcy criminal law, defamation by press and web, civil and criminal liability for medical malpractice, as well as crimes against public administration and anti-corruption plans.

She participates, as a speaker, in Conferences and Round Tables aimed at deepening the disciplines related to the criminal liability of the health care professional and the liability regime of entities and legal entities ex D. Lvo 2001 n. 231.


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