Labour law

The specific nature and importance of the legal principles characterising labour law, industrial relations and social security in the Italian legal system require deep competence and professionalism. As labour lawyers we have developed considerable experience in assisting industrial, commercial and financial groups and companies, large and/or medium-sized, listed and not, of Italian and/or foreign nationality, through a constant and pervasive support in all the main areas of which labor law is composed.

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Support in M&A operations

Due diligence legal, procedures of consultation union ex art. 47 Legge n. 428/90 and art. 2 D.Lgs. 18/2001 on transfers/transfers of business units and mergers with automatic transfer of employment relationships.

Company restructuring

Mobility procedures, voluntary exodus incentive plans, CIGO, CIGS, solidarity contracts. Individual and collective dismissals; disciplinary proceedings; disciplinary disputes and imposition of sanctions; secondments and transfers.

Trade Union Law

Drafting collective agreements of various levels with the assistance of the parties involved in the related negotiations; drafting of disciplinary codes and policies. Customer assistance in the field of inspections of administrative bodies and in subsequent litigation against INPS, INAIL and Ministry of Labour investigations.


Labour Law Transactions, also in the protected area, relating to consensual resolutions of the employment relationship and to the amicable settlement of labor disputes.


Consultancy on the broad field of labour law, secondments abroad, national and international social security.


Active and passive causes relating to the field of labour law.

Disputes relating to accidents

Safety at work, INAIL regress, compensation for property and non-material damage, bullying.