Criminal Law

We provide daily defensive assistance and out-of-court advice in the traditional branches of business criminal law, with expertise gained in the field of tax, bankruptcy and corporate crimes, with a specific focus on the criminal law aspects underlying the protection of safety in the workplace, environmental crimes and crimes against public administration.

In the out-of-court field, we carry out a constant activity of advising in the interest of corporations and multinationals, where in various ways we assume the role of members of Supervisory Bodies ex D. Lvo 2001/231, assisting the companies involved in any criminal proceedings in which the administrative liability of criminal entities is contested. We work as a team, all with a strong experience in the disciplines of criminal law and criminal trial, and where necessary, we work alongside authoritative technical consultants in the fields of tax, commercial and bankruptcy law.

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Tax and bankruptcy offences

We protect natural and legal persons in case of commission of tax crimes governed by D. Lvo n. 74/2000. We assist administrators or professionals who, in the event of bankruptcy, have to answer for their own bankruptcy (documentary, distracting, preferential), or improper bankruptcy, in simple or fraudulent form, or for so-called "atypical" crimes from the failure to send the list of protests to exchange until the distractions of assets without the assistance of the failed subject.

Administrative offences of bodies dependent on criminal offences ex D. Lvo 2001/231

We support companies and institutions for assistance and advice on the rules contained in Legislative Decree 231/01. We defend the entity for responsibilities arising from the criminally punishable conduct of natural persons within the organization.

Corporate and financial crimes

We protect natural and legal persons, in advance and in court. The types of crime that are regulated by the relevant legislation are many and complex. In this case, preventive legal advice is better protection in corporate, economic or financial transactions.

Crimes against the public administration

We provide qualified support to private citizens, public officials and businesses involved in crimes related to the activity of public administration, including corruption, bribery, bribery, abuse of office, ideological falsehoods committed by public officials, and fraud affecting the State. Defence in criminal proceedings against public administration requires specific expertise and a thorough understanding of the dynamics within public authorities. We provide assistance from the preliminary investigation stage, working to prevent a possible process and, where this is not possible, to minimise the consequences. We also offer legal advice for the prevention of crimes against public administration.

Food fraud and adulteration

We offer legal assistance and representation to both businesses and consumers in the field of food safety and transparency in the agri-food sector. We deal with cases involving adulteration, counterfeiting, misleading labelling and other fraudulent practices that may compromise the quality and authenticity of food. We work closely with food industry experts, biologists and chemists. For companies, we offer preventive legal advice to ensure compliance with current regulations on food safety and quality, helping to implement good manufacturing and labelling practices. We also provide legal assistance in case of inspections and controls by competent authorities, helping companies to manage any non-compliance and minimize the impact on their business.

Professional responsibility of the doctor and the health establishment

We provide qualified legal assistance in the event of medical errors, negligence or inexperience, as well as defending patients, doctors and healthcare facilities. We are committed to ensuring that patients' rights are protected by working with medical experts to assess the damage they have suffered and determine any liability. At the same time, we offer legal assistance to healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities, providing them with a legal defense based on a thorough analysis of evidence and a thorough understanding of current regulations.

Accidents and safety at work ex D. Lvo 2008/81

We assist natural and legal persons for crimes related to accidents and safety in the workplace pursuant to D. Lvo n. 81/2008. We collaborate with forensics and industry specialists. We also provide legal advice to companies to ensure compliance with applicable occupational safety regulations. We provide training and regulatory updates to employers and safety managers, helping to create safe, law-compliant workplaces. In case of non-compliance or violations, we assist the company in any inspection and sanction procedures.

Negligent personal injury and road murder

We offer our qualified legal assistance in cases of manslaughter and vehicular murder. In the area of involuntary personal injury, we assess the extent of the damage suffered by the victim, collaborating with medical experts for a correct quantification of injuries and compensation due. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of current regulations on road safety and civil and criminal liability, allow us to deal with such sensitive situations with due skill and determination.

Infringement and criminal protection of industrial or intellectual property

We offer assistance and representation to companies, creators and right holders, in all cases of infringement and infringement of intellectual property rights. Thanks to a deep knowledge of national and international regulations in the field, we are able to provide a high-profile legal service. We deal with all forms of counterfeiting, including unauthorized reproduction of trademarks, patents, copyrights and design, as well as infringements of industrial secrecy and unfair competition. We work closely with industry experts. We also offer preventive legal advice services, aimed at identifying the most effective strategies for the protection of industrial and intellectual property rights.

Computer Crimes and defamation by print or web

Thanks to our deep knowledge of digital dynamics and current regulations, we offer our assistance and legal advice to those involved in various ways in computer crimes and defamation. We cover a wide range of Crimes computers, including abusive access to computer systems, illicit interception of online communications, computer fraud, malware and ransomware spread, and digital privacy breaches. We also provide legal support in cases of defamation in the press and online, working to protect the reputation and image of our customers. Our strategy is based on a multidisciplinary approach that integrates legal and technical skills, in order to identify sources of cyber-attacks and defamation, gather the necessary evidence and take the most effective actions. We work with IT experts and communication specialists to ensure a complete and tailored defense. We are aware of the serious repercussions that Crimes computers and defamation can have on people’s personal and professional lives, and for this we are committed to providing a quick and decisive legal response. We also offer preventive consulting services to raise awareness of IT security and reputation management risks.

Environmental crimes and building violations

We provide legal assistance and representation to individuals, companies and local authorities. With particular emphasis on environmental law, we deal with crimes related to air, water and soil pollution, illegal waste management, illicit trafficking of dangerous substances and damage to protected areas. We also provide legal assistance in the event of violations of building and zoning regulations, dealing with building abuse, abusive plotting, and violations of legal distances between buildings. Through an in-depth analysis of the documentation and specificities of the case, we are committed to identifying the most appropriate strategies to address issues related to environmental crimes and building violations, working closely with qualified technical experts. We also offer preventive consultancy services in order to promote a culture of respect for the environment.

Property offences

Property offences

We provide qualified assistance, ensuring professionalism and discretion. Our legal support is guaranteed both in the preliminary investigation and in the trial phase, constantly working to protect the rights and interests of our clients. We also provide preventive legal advice in order to identify and adopt the best asset protection strategies.