Civil Law

Our advice is mainly addressed to companies for the most significant areas of Civil Law, with particular competence for what concerns the contractual in corporate and commercial, contractual and non-contractual liability, debt collection and civil enforcement.

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Contractual and non-contractual liability

Analysis of the causes of damage, non-performance and wrongdoing; resolution of consequences and drafting of claims for damages.

Commercial and corporate contracts

Drafting of each type of contract for companies and companies; assistance in the negotiation and concrete application of these contracts.

Debt collection and civil enforcement

Assistance in debt recovery procedures in Italy and abroad; advice and assistance, both judicial and out of court, in relation to all activities aimed at obtaining the payment of what is due.


Adaptation to Italian and European legislation on the protection of personal data; assistance to companies with regard to the conclusion of contracts and management of relationships with data subjects.

Real estate and retail law

Resolution of the problems related to the sale of civil, commercial and agricultural properties; analysis of the problems arising after the conclusion of a deed of sale and possible solutions; assistance in the management of real estate portfolios, restructurings and assistance in the negotiations; acquisitions of real estate through participations to electronic auctions. Drafting of rental contracts and assistance in eviction procedures.

Corporate crisis and insolvency proceedings

Analysis of the company crisis and all its ramifications; drafting of bankruptcy claims against third parties or on its own, drafting of insinuations to bankruptcy liabilities and opposition to bankruptcy and bankruptcy liabilities. Drafting and assistance for agreed estimates liquidators or in business continuity.

Law of succession

Assistance in the preparation and drafting of wills, with particular attention to the share of legitimate, the inheritance division, the donation of real estate and furniture. Analysis of testamentary appeals and appointment of trustees of the estate.

Condominium law

Analysis and appeal of condominium regulations. Appeal of null and void resolutions of shareholders' meetings. Analysis of the millesimal tables, the breakdown of condominium expenses and litigation, both between condominiums and third parties.

Agricultural law

Drafting of agricultural contracts with particular attention to the right of pre-emption and possible solutions. Agricultural litigation.